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MT Post-Editing

Nowadays, machine translation tools are a constantly developing reality and are becoming an effective part of the translation world. If used properly, in fact, they may be useful for communication functions that do not require very accurate and professional translations and for an immediate understanding of texts without high linguistic expression levels in languages that you do not know.

However, although the accuracy that can be achieved with these tools is growing, they cannot guarantee the quality, the shades of meaning and contextual translation that only a "human" work can offer. For this reason, machine translation is not suitable for more complex texts that require a certain level of research, adaptation and language elaboration. However, clients who wish to improve their texts translated with machine translation tools can take advantage of the MT post-editing service. This service is available for texts translated with machine translation tools that, despite having literal translations, small inconsistencies in terminology and mistranslations, are understandable, but can not be used in a professional environment. For more information and to verify the feasibility and affordability of the service for a given text translated by machine translation tools, please send an email to and provide a sample of the text to post-edit.


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