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Dubbing & Voice-Over

Dubbing and voice-over processes require special skills, starting from script translation. The translation, in fact, must be very accurate to allow the video to deliver the same feeling to viewers in either source or target languages. This is very often something extremely difficult to reach, especially because audiovisual products have kinds of language and extralinguistic references that cannot be converted to other languages. A translator with experience in this field, though, is able to identify problems and, with inventiveness and creativity, can find solutions to convert to the target language the untranslatable items of the source language.

The following stage is adaptation. For voice-over, adapting a text means basically making the target language sentences as long as the source language ones. For dubbing, target language sentences must be exactly as long as the source language ones, and lip-synchronization with the video is required. So you can easily understand how important is to contact a professional to obtain a good quality service.

My partners' network and I can take care of any kind of scripts translation: for cinema, TV, DVDs and online contents. I am also in contact with several dubbing studios and professional adaptators, this, if required, allows me to manage a full dubbing or voice-over project, from the translation to the final product delivery. For studio recordings, masculine and feminine voices, more or less famous, are available in several languages, and clients may choose the most suitable voices for their projects.


Excellent translations always on time with affordable prices, agreed upon clients' needs. For more information, please visit the Deals section.




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