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Localization & Testing

Localization is the process that allows a product to be translated and fully adapted to the market and the culture of a particular country. This kind of adaptation is not only linguistic, it also involves graphics, programming, cultural aspects, etc. So this process requires not only technical skills and an excellent knowledge of the source and target languages and cultures, but also remarkable creative skills. So, it is clear that, in order to obtain high quality products, it is necessary to contact professionals with experience in this field. My partners and I have acquired a remarkable experience in localization, working on both in-house and freelance projects for world-leading companies in the production and distribution of multimedia products.

Localization services are available for:

- video games
- software
- websites

A good translation that takes into account the adaptation in the target language and a good proofreading or editing done by a second translator, however, are sometimes not sufficient to obtain the best possible quality during such products localization. In fact, a localized product very often may have linguistic adaptation or functionality errors that would be difficult to detect from the files where the translation and the proofreading or editing have been done. This is the reason why these products must be tested by professionals with technical knowledge and linguistic skills that allow to identify possible issues in the localized product. Testing services for videogames, software and websites are available for products localized by my partners or me (for more information, please visit the "All-Inclusive" Solutions section) as well as for products localized by others.


Excellent translations always on time with affordable prices, agreed upon clients' needs. For more information, please visit the Deals section.




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