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Management & Organization

I handle all the requests received through this website personally; nevertheless, in order to provide more and higher quality services, I cooperate with a selected and trusted partners' network for some projects stages. So, if required, clients may take advantage of special services that usually are not offered by freelancers, such as, for example, editing and proofreading done by another translator, professional adaptation and studio recording for dubbing and voice-over. For more information, please visit the "All-Inclusive" Solutions section.

Should your project require an additional translator's cooperation, certain organization would be obviously necessary in order to obtain consistent and good quality results. This organization and communication between possible partners and you are fully handled by me. This allows me to know every project thoroughly and to become the main reference for any kind of communication with clients, even for possible works not done directly by me.

During the project, we will establish a direct e-mail communication, with guaranteed response within one hour during business hours (GMT +1), whereby you will be able to follow the project development and suggest your proposals during the process. You would also be promptly contacted in case of any questions or concerns, in order to obtain a product that product that most meets your expectations.

Even in the case that projects would require other partners' cooperation, the management is completely free, as well as the assistance provided during and after projects for any clarification, adjustment or change.


Excellent translations always on time with affordable prices, agreed upon clients' needs. For more information, please visit the Deals section.



Gilda Fabozzi
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