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In the last few years, the translation and localization industry has experienced a period of impressive growth, thanks to the creation and expansion of new technologies that allow instant communication among cultures and countries. These technologies have also facilitated and sped up professional translators' work, allowing them to offer higher quality products in less time. This huge expansion and ease in establishing new contacts, however, have also led to several adverse consequences for the industry. Nowadays, in fact, many unqualified people, who know two or more languages, try to enter the translation and localization world. The result is a significant decrease of average translation quality, which now too often can be found in any field. In addition, the continuing trend to lower prices, in order to offer more competitive services, is seriously affecting the industry. Unfortunately, the importance of a well-translated or localized text is very often unconsidered, since no account is taken of how language is a tool with an exceptional power and of how a well-written text is able to attract attention and convey competence, professionalism and quality.

Through this website, I intend to offer professional translation, editing, localization, subtitling, dubbing and voice-over services in the fields and languages that I am most familiar with. Not offering other types of services or language pairs and accepting only jobs I am fully capable of allow me to guarantee high quality products, always respecting the agreed deadline. Thanks to a network of selected partners, I can also provide different types of customized solutions, which are not usually offered by freelancers. For more information, please visit the "All-Inclusive" Solutions section. This way of managing work has a further benefit for clients: elimination of agencies' administrative costs, thus, obtaining affordable prices without sacrificing the quality of the services offered.

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