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The projects I have worked on include: video games (localization of an extensive number of video games. Kinds of texts: in-game, packaging and marketing texts, manuals, standard messages and terminology. Platforms: computer, mobile, tablet, Xbox, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS2, PS3, PS4, PSP, PS Vita, Wii, Wii U, Nintendo DS, Nintendo 3DS. Main genres: RPG, adventure, action, racing, shooter, simulation, sports, strategy, music, dancing, educational, puzzle, casino); websites (localization of an extensive number of websites. Main fields: computer, marketing, tourism, health, sport, business, manufacturing, education, arts, religion); software (localization of several computer software and mobile applications. Main fields: IT, engineering, medicine, messengers, GPS applications, customer service, e-learning); subtitling, dubbing & voice-over (subtitling of movies, trailers, TV shows, cartoons, documentaries and advertising videos. Translation and adaptation for dubbing of movies, TV shows and cartoons. Translation and adaptation for voice-over of documentaries and advertising videos); marketing & transcreation (translation and proofreading of an extensive number of marketing and advertising texts. Main fields: computer, manufacturing, video games, tourism & travels, books, business); computer & technical texts (translation and proofreading of technical texts and user manuals. Main fields: computer software and hardware tools, electrical/electronic equipments, toys, IT, engineering, manufacturing, medical equipments); tourism & travels (translation and proofreading of several websites, guides and leaflets); humanities & literature (translation and proofreading of articles and websites. Main fields: religion, arts, philosophy, literature, linguistics, education); beauty & wellness (translation and proofreading of websites and presentations about beauty products and treatments).

I have worked with an extensive number of well-known companies as final clients, including: almost all world’s leading video games companies, several important technology and software companies, many world’s leading media and movie production companies, very well-known websites and social media, Italian, Spanish, UK and US public institutions, very popular museums and touristic facilities all over the world.

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