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The Romanian linguist Eugenio Coseriu stated that languages speak about the same things, but they do not say the same things, and this statement explains effectively what translating means. Language is indeed inextricably linked to the culture and the society it belongs to. This means that knowing the source and target languages is not enough to translate a text correctly. A good translation does not look like a translation, rather, a good translator's work is invisible to the reader's eye. The translator's task, therefore, can not be simply to transfer the source language text's meaning to the target language, because the translation must have an appropriate style and terminology in the target language for each type of text and linguistic register. This is the service I aim to offer in the following areas:

- general texts
- tourism & travels
- health & wellness
- creative translation
- marketing & advertising
- literature & humanities
- education & training
- user manuals
- IT
- technical texts*

*For technical texts or other areas not included in the ones specified above, please provide information about the project or a sample of the text to translate.


Excellent translations always on time with affordable prices, agreed upon clients' needs. For more information, please visit the Deals section.




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